Improving Futures for a Better Tomorrow

"Step It Up Camp," founded in 2011, a local non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of living in Snohomish and King County neighborhoods by focusing on undeserved children and youth of all ethnicities. "Step It Up Camp" understand the needs behind providing a healthy lifestyle for children, both physically and educationally. Our program is designed to educate campers with the basic fundamental tools and the necessary education to improve overall physical fitness/health.


Our unified vision resulted in the creation of an outdoor/indoor activity program designed to help kids/youth develop self-confidence, a healthy self-image, and a desire to live life to its fullest. Children learn by doing, and the active support of others is the basis of Step It Up Camp philosophy of personal growth. Campers embark on a series of demanding tasks requiring a unique blend of intellectual, physical, and creative attributes. Working together cooperatively, teams discover effective solutions to the various challenges.

The Program

The program's philosophy emphasizes, "If at first you don't succeed, find another way!" Succeeding in overcoming a perceived "impossible" challenge becomes the building block to self-empowerment. One of the primary goals of Step It Up Camp experience is to give individuals the opportunity to expand beyond her or his perceived limits. Step It Up Camp is dedicated to helping children of all levels to think and interact more efficiently with peers, adults and other. At Step It Up Camp, we have the creative services, unique expertise, and educational tools that inspire people.